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May / June 2017

Volume 28, issue 3

Along the Wall with Hadrian’s cavalry

A look at the role of the mounted soldier on Britain’s northern border as 10 museums along the length of Hadrian’s Wall celebrate the 1900th anniversary of this Roman Emperor’s accession. Mike C Bishop

A fine figure

Exquisite Ancient Greek red-figure vases, attributed to the ‘Berlin Painter’ by the Oxford scholar Sir John Beazley more than a century ago, go on show at Princeton University Art Museum. Dominic Green

Dining with Socrates and Nero

Banquets in antiquity, from Ancient Greek symposia to decadent Roman dinners, involving serious discussions and frivolous feasting, as an exhibition in Marseilles shows. Nicole Benazeth

On parade in Pompeii

How the ruined city of Pompeii, once a melting-pot of Greek, Roman and indigenous peoples, came to influence 20th-century artists such as Picasso and his work for the Ballet Russe’s Parade. Dalu Jones

Blood lines of Rome

Following her debut history book, The First Ladies of Rome, Annelise Freisenbruch explains why she chose Hortensia to be the heroine of her first novel, set in the legal world of ancient Rome. Diana Bentley

Surveying the past

Britain’s ancient landscapes with their monumental stones and chalk hill-figures have stirred the imagination of many artists seeking to capture their grandeur and mystery. Theresa Thompson

Monumental myths

The life and legacy of the towering Victorian artist GF Watts, born 200 years ago, is being celebrated at his gallery and house in the Surrey village of Compton. Dominic Green

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